Other Video Projects

In addition to direct work with Impact! Video clients, Steve also engaged with a lot of freelance work during his sabbatical. This included work on countless production crews in a variety of roles and included running his teleprompter unit, which turned out to be a useful piece of equipment that was often in need along the Front Range. Additionally, Steve freelanced with The Journal of Visual Experimentation, video-taping scientific experiments at college universities and medical campuses across Colorado for inclusion with scientific papers for industry peer review. Steve also worked on crews at the US Olympic Training Center, the Space Symposium, and on NBC's The Biggest Loser.

On multiple occasions Steve led teams in the 48 Hour Film Competition and the International Documentary Challenge. These weekend film contests provided a fantastic opportunity to develop the skills of crafting a finished film product under tight deadlines.

Steve also founded the Film Alliance of Southern Colorado as a networking organization to help local filmmakers and enthusiasts pursue their craft.

Below is a finalist entry for Washington DC's 48 Hour Film Competition in 2006.

Below is a promotional video created "between classes" while with The Great Courses.